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Links to Articles About Biocosm, Interviews and Abstracts of Scientific Papers by James Gardner

A link to a recent NPR interview of James Gardner in which he discuss his first book Biocosm: Click here: 061015B Humanity
A link to a recent magazine interview of Gardner in which he discusses Biocosm:
A link to a TIME MAGAZINE feature article by Mike Lemonick about Gardner, Biocosm and the anthropic principle: Click here: Cosmic Conundrum -- Nov. 29, 2004 -- Page 1 
A link to an article that Gardner published in WIRED about memetic engineering:
Click here: Wired 4.05: Memetic Engineering

A link to an abstract of a scientific paper about SETI that Gardner delivered at the World Space Congress in 2002: Click here: Artificial Exo-Society Modeling: a New Tool for SETI Research

A link to an abstract of a scientific paper about the Selfish Biocosm hypothesis that Gardner published in the International Journal of Astrobiology and which is included as an appendix in The Intelligent Universe: Click here: The physical constants as biosignature: an anthropic retrodiction of the Selfish